The hackathon is located in the Stata Center (aka Building 32), split between the first and 4th floors.

The best way to arrive is on the metro (colloquially known as the T), we’re just a short walk from the Kendall T Stop, which is on the Red Line.

Alternatively, if you want to take a taxi or ride share then the address is: 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139

We do not recommend driving, because finding parking near MIT can be difficult.


The Stata Center is designed by Pritzker Prize winner Frank Gehry, but it can also be a little difficult to navigate for the uninitiated. The hackathon is spread across two floors, so the maps below are to help you navigate if you feel lost.

There are four entrances to the Stata Center, indicated by orange arrows, fortunately all of them point towards the registration desk, so simply stay on the ground floor and keep walking:

1st Floor Overview

F1 overview.JPG

The hackathon takes place in several different rooms, which are used either for hacking or speeches (including the opening and closing speech). Not all of these rooms are available all days.

The main hacking space is on the 4th floor and is known as the R&D commons. This is also where food will be served. There are two ways to access this: via stairs (shown below as the blue route) and by elevators (shown below as the orange route). Other hacking spaces are available on the 1st floor, which will likely be quieter.

Take the stairs up and keep walking straight, to what looks like a dead end, on your right you will see a set of glass double doors with another flight of stairs behind them, take these up to the next floor (which is the 4th, even though it will feel like the 3rd) and you’re in the commons!

Take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the arrows round to the right. Beware that there are two sets of elevators in the building, but only the one marked will take you to the right section of the 4th floor.

1st Floor Room Detail

F1 detail.JPG

4th Floor Room Detail

F4 detail.JPG