Challenge Sponsors

Thank you to all of our challenge sponsors for the inaugural MIT Policy Hackathon!  We greatly appreciate all their help and look forward to helping them answer some important and timely policy questions.

Interested in Next Year?

We're done soliciting challenges for this year, but if you have a challenge idea that you would like to have considered for next year's hackathon, please get in touch! You can check out last year's Challenge Sponsor sheet for more information on requirements.

This Year's Challenges


Energy and Climate

Challenge Sponsor: City of Boston


Future of Work

Challenge Sponsors: MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Wonolo



Challenge Sponsor: Yale Mental health Outreach for MotherS (MOMS) Partnership™


Internet and Cybersecurity

Challenge Sponsor: Boston University Cyberlaw Clinic


Transportation and Urban Planning

Sponsors: MassDOT, Commission on the Future of Transportation in the Commonwealth